The trail and accompanying river, woods and land at the top end, below the moors, provide every shade of green and brown

As you reach the coast there will be a range of gold, yellow and blue

There are, as if to give contrast, the variations of grey at the old slate quarries.
Sprinkle with aroma

The Trail has a special scent which subtly changes from section to section

Woodland mosses and trees, changing to the pine of forestry. Farmland - cattle and sheep in pastures close to the trail

The river and estuary have a different "taste" to that of Padstow where you can smell the harbour with all its associated activity and the proximity of the sea

Add Shapes to Colours and Aroma
Now add in the sound of the river, wind in the trees and the birds. Depending on the section of trail and time of year there is usually little "noise" from the modern world to interfere with your experience of the trail