Boscarne was the junction between the L&SWR line from Padstow & Wadebridge to Wenfordbridge and the GWR line to Bodmin General (now Mount Folly) and on to Bodmin Road (now Bodmin Parkway)

There was also another junction at Dunmere from where a line ran to Bodmin North station. No traces of the latter now exist, although the Somerfield supermarket and carpark are situated on what were the railway sidings. The railway ran close to Bodmin Goal and during the 19th century, excursion trains were run on execution days

The existing platform at Boscarne Junction was only constructed in 1996. For most of its life there was no platform at all at Boscarne Junction, as trains had no cause to stop there. The line to Wenfordbridge did not carry passengers and there was no incentive for the L&SWR to allow passengers from Bodmin North to change to the GWR. However in 1964 a short platform (long enough to accomodate a single coach) was built but it was only used for a brief period before the Bodmin North line was closed in 1967

Dunmere Junction
The Wenfordbridge line is to the left and the Bodmin North line to the right
Looking East towards Dunmere Junction from the bridge over the River Camel

The original line to Wenfordbridge crossed the A389 Bodmin-Wadebridge at Dunmere via a level crossing

In order to avoid cylists having to cross this busy road, the trail from Wadebridge follows the old line towards Bodmin North, passing underneath the A389, before taking a sharp left turn back down to the Wenfordbridge line upstream of Dunmere

View looking West under the bridge carrying the A389. The old platform was Dunmere Halt

There is path from opposite the platform up to the Borough Arms

But you cannot get lost ...
Bodmin Jail
The Trail passes close by