Close to where our River comes to life as a stream a great battle was fought at a place called Slaughter Bridge. Legend has it that this is where King Arthur died. Myth and literature combine - Jamaica Inn and Dozmary Pool (was Excalibur thrown into the lake there?)

Our stream matures into a river and then eventually an estuary on its journey to the sea at Padstow. In its old age it reaches the "Doom Bar" - more tragedy historically there

Ignore history and enjoy all the beauty and opportunities which the Camel offers ...

In 1834 150,000 cu.ft. of Granite was transported from the De Lank quarry near Wenford by train to Wadebridge where it was shipped to London and used to build Blackfriars Bridge

The Camel Trail stays close to the river during its journey from Bodmin Moor to the sea.

If you travel upstream from Poley's Bridge you can reach Camelford by footpath. From Tresarrett you can take the hill up to Blisland and then out onto the expanses of Bodmin Moor, different scenery, flora and fauna

The Tresarrett Tea Gardens are right by the trail close to Tresarrett Bridge